07. Being you beyond the surface mind.

Feb 03, 2021

In this episode, our guest host and Being You Facilitator, Samantha Lewis, speaks with an artist, author, and founder of Inner Life Skills Coaching International, Colleen-Joy Page.

At the age of four, during a procedure to remove a tumor behind her right eye, Colleen had a near-death experience. This experience gave her a glimpse of what Colleen calls "home" and describes as 360-degrees of peace, love, and okayness.

Colleen talks about being free of the body, being free from the suffering of having the deformity on her face, and being free from the shyness which limited her from a very young age.

Later in her life, Colleen reached a point where she became homesick for the peace, the love, and the freedom she had experienced.

She describes it as going from a beautiful paradise where there is no fear, no limitation, and then climbing into a tiny box of this reality and life - losing paradise.

This moment was the catalyst in Colleen's life, where she began her journey to find what would give her access to this paradise in this world. Colleen turned to intuition, finding the one thing she could cling to; her own "radio station." Tuning into her intuition, she realized that the home she was longing for was not a place but a space of being, and that is our true self. Us, truly being us.

Come along and get inspired by Colleen describing her unique personal journey. This show also includes some practical steps and processes for you to embrace and be the power of you.


1. How to build your wisdom by tuning into your intuition.

2. How to go beyond the surface mind and move past the thoughts and feelings that distract you from making choices.

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