66. Projections, Expectations & Kittens Galore

Jul 25, 2023


Have you ever noticed that you act differently with different people? Do you interact with your parents the same way as you do your friends? Or with your significant other or your boss?

What’s really fascinating is that it’s not just the words you say or the relationship you have with them, it’s also what you are aware of with them and how they view you.

Welcome to the world of projections!

Believe it or not, we are incredibly aware of everyone around us. And, we all have points of view about each other that we project out as we walk through the world.

It can be something that you project and expect them to be, or that they project on you, or a projection about how you both interact.

Projections are everywhere; we even have them of ourselves, too. And, if they weren’t right or wrong but simply information we can receive, what becomes possible from there?

In this episode, our host, Sarah Grandinetti, and our phenomenal guest, Monica Gilliam, talk about what is possible when you are aware of projections. And, what it’s like to go beyond them and receiving them as information.

What if you can create what you desire in every interaction and have fun while doing it?

What if being aware of other people’s projections gives us information about them and interacting with them?

And, if you change your point of view about someone or some thing, what becomes available?

Take aways

  • You don’t have to avoid or ignore the projections people have of you, that you have of others, or that you have of yourself.
  • Start asking to become aware of all of the projections. Acknowledging them is the first step of changing them and being able to use them to your advantage.
  • Other peoples projections are not bigger than you, they are just information of what their Point of View is.
  • When you catch yourself being something interesting ask: what am I being right now? Do I enjoy this? What am I creating with it?