65. This F*CKING Changes and I’m Having This

Jun 19, 2023


Do you have certain areas of your life that you always say you want to change but they never do? And do you have some others where you just think of change and it happens instantaneously? What is the difference??

On this Podcast episode our host, Sarah Grandinetti, talks with Ryan Tee about how he changed his seemingly i changeable financial reality.

Ryan used to have a list of justifications about why it was unchangeable, mixed with his secret reasons of why he didn’t really want it to change, and all topped off with the false desire to create a different possibility.

He shares how he jumped from that reality and belief system to truly creating different financial reality.

Amazingly, he didn’t just create a reality of ease with money for himself, but one where he can also contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars towards creating a greater more sustainable planet.

Join us to discover and explore the tools he used to change it. While his journey meant going beyond his comfort zone and facing his doubts, he learned to always trust in himself, what he can create, and trust the universe.

Take aways

  • Ask yourself: Do you trust that you can create it? Do you trust that the universe will deliver?
  • Be willing to be brutally honest with you; do you really want to change it?
  • The universe will show you what’s possible all the time. Ask to be shown, and be willing to receive!