01. Being You - Whether People Like It Or Not!

Dec 12, 2020

Show Description

In this episode, Sarah Grandinetti explores BEING YOU, whether people like it or not with the fantastic Merlijn Wolskink. Merlijn is a Dutch dancer/performer and Drag Queen, also known as Ms. Magic Merlot. Also, he is a brilliant Access Consciousness facilitator.

How often have you done something or been something that seemed to make people walk away from you - leaving you feeling like you've done something wrong or bad? And how much have you tried to get it right and be normal so people will not reject you?

Merlijn knows all about that. And he also knows what is possible when we lose the "fear" of being too different! What would be possible if we could have an allowance for when other people choose to reject us? What freedom would that create? Who could we (finally) be?

Come along to hear about Merlijns adventure in being him!

Find Merlijn: 

Website: https://handsonaccess.nl/en/welcome/