12. Choosing Gratitude over Judgement

Mar 11, 2021

In this week’s episode, our host Sarah Grandinetti, interviews Betsy Mcloughlin Being You Facilitator, co-author of ten books and show host of the Imperfect Brilliance radio show.

There was a time in Betsy’s life when her days were filled with depression, sadness and anger, along with an intensity in her body that made her question, “Is life truly worth living?”.

Listen as Betsy takes us through her turning point in 2021, where she acknowledged something had to change.

She allowed her body to start contributing to her choices and began to discover her power of being in the world!


Take-Aways from this episode:

• How dropping your barriers with yourself can allow a different possibility to show up.

• Acknowledging the blind spots you may have in any area of your life and the change you can receive when you do.

• Questions to ask to have more communion with your body.

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Website: www.creatingyumminess.com