19. Trust, Courage Over Comfort, Leadership and Commitment

Apr 30, 2021

What if the Power of Being You is being so vulnerable with yourself that you are willing to be judged for your choices to have and choose the life you truly desire?

In this episode, our guest Being You and Joy of Business Facilitator Doris Schachenhofer, talks with host Sarah Grandinetti, as she shares her most vulnerable moments on her journey to actualizing the life she truly desires to have through divorce, being a mum of two and a successful entrepreneur.

This conversation truly exposes the infinite possibilities available when you are in question and willing to receive a different possibility no matter how it shows up.


Take Away:

1) Choice,  Courage and Trusting You.

2) Humour – An energy you can ask for.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doris_schachenhofer/