02. Being the misfit you truly be

Dec 31, 2020

Show Description

Would you indulge yourself in a judgment-free day of miss-fit and merriment?

What if Christmas is just that, a celebration of life, living, gift-giving, receiving, and acknowledging what truly is valuable to you? All wrapped up in a dose of miss-fit, merriment, laughter, and joy?

In this conversation filled with Christmas Miss-fit Merriment, Sarah Grandinetti, and co-host Paula Peralta, will explore this and much more together with, author, Access Consciousness Facilitator, and founder of the Talk to The Entities Program Shannon O’ Hara.

Shannon says, “I have spent the majority of my life judging myself for not being able to be normal while simultaneously being obnoxiously ME.”

Listening to this episode, you might discover your obnoxious-self too!

Find Shannon:

Website: https://www.shannon-ohara.com/