22. Being, Knowing & Perceiving

May 20, 2021

Have you ever wondered about the things you know that no one else knows? Perhaps you have been aware of a possibility that can make a difference in the world, yet everyone you mentioned it to thought you were crazy?

What if you were not crazy and what if your knowing is far greater than you have been acknowledging or have been acknowledged for?

Listen to this week’s episode as our host Sarah Grandinetti speaks with guest and co-creator of The Power of Being You Podcast, Samantha Lewis.

Samantha is a Being You Certified Facilitator and Energy Coach and for over 25 years she has empowered people in all areas of their life to see the gift they are to the world in the ways they are unique!

Take Away:
1) Questions to ask to explore what you know that no one else knows.
2) Ways to not make you wrong when nobody else can see what you know is possible.

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