24. Being You, Un-parenting

Jun 03, 2021

Our guest on this episode is Maya Dayan, a homeschooling mom and an Access Consciousness certified facilitator who offers private sessions and classes on parenting amongst other things.

In this conversation with our host Sarah Grandinetti, we learn how Maya changed her life from studying to be a natureopath to overcoming postpartum depression by changing her life with the tools of Access Consciousness.

Maya talks about how following the energy each moment in your life can bring you more awareness and choice even if you’ve decided that being a parent has to look a certain way.

Maya and Sarah talk through some fun, parenting scenarios and explore different ways that are available for parents by including the tools.

Take Away: The Access Consciousness Tools – Lowering your walls and barriers, following the energy and asking questions to know what is required in each moment with your children.

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