31. Infinite Possibilities, Magic and You

Sep 08, 2021

What do infinite possibilities, magic, and you have in common? In this episode of The Power of Being You Podcast with our host Sarah Grandinetti, we meet Marcel Uselli, a fantasy nerd, a name given to him by himself, the potent creator of his own magical life.

If you could be the magic wand in your own life, what would you ask for? What would you choose?

Listen as Marcel shows us how easy it is to play with magic, questions and choice in everyday life to create the future and energy you would like to receive.

Take Away:

1. Questions to play with that invite possibilities into your life.

2. How to be magic in your own life.

Website: https://www.marceluselli.de

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marcel.uselli