42. Including You In Your Relationships

Jun 22, 2022

"What if there was no win or lose in a relationship? What if there was a way to be in a relationship where everyone received what they required, and no one was excluded?

Sarah Grandinetti and guest Marnie Richmond share personal insights and real-life stories on the gift of not giving yourself up in a relationship and going beyond the status quo even as a parent.

Marnie Richmond is an Inspirational speaker, writer, empowerment coach and Access Consciousness Facilitator. She facilitates classes and private sessions using the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness to empower people to create the life they desire.

Listen as they explore the other side of relationships where you're included, not bound. Where you have your own back, meaning you don't lose who you authentically are. Being in a relationship is a choice that allows your life to be extraordinary.

Take Away:
- How to unravel your current relationships and begin to create greater.
- The meaning of not giving you up to be in a relationship.