43. Are You A Renaissance Being?

Aug 01, 2022

In this episode and invitation to being all of you, our host Sarah Grandinetti has an uplifting conversation with Kate Sarton, Social Media Coordinator for International Author, Speaker and Co-founder of Access Consciousness, Dr Dain Heer, as well as Social Media Coordinator for Access Consciousness Bars and Sarah Grandinetti.

Kate inspires us with how she moved from seeing herself as mediocre for not being able to excel at one thing, to having an ah-ha moment at the age of 17 years and being willing to acknowledge herself for being different.

Kate took herself beyond her judgements of herself and began to acknowledge herself. She was able to see that everything she included in her life took her to the next space of possibility and exploration of “Who am I and what would I like to create?” moments.

Acknowledging that she can be good at many things, empowered her to keep asking and choosing more. Kate talks about never having to pick one lane to be in or one thing to define herself as and how that has allowed her life to expand in ways she never could have imagined.

Take Away: 

  • What is a Renaissance Being?
  • How to flip your limiting points of views.
  • Choosing more.