46. What's Right About Your Difference

Sep 23, 2022

What's right about your difference?

Were you ridiculed for looking different, or was your difference celebrated? In this episode, Sarah Grandinetti explores what is right about your difference with guest Kalpana Raghuraman.

Kalpana is an Access Consciousness Facilitator and a facilitator of many other specialties within Access Consciousness, including Embodiment. She is the author of the book "You and Your Body: What if your body wasn't a problem?" 

When Kalpana was just 16, she discovered a unique way of coping with the judgement and bullying she experienced daily.

Listen as she tells her story and shares valuable insight that empowers others to acknowledge their difference.

Take Away:

  • The Access Tool: What's right about me I'm not getting?
  • Going Beyond Bullying "