47: Animal Talk

Oct 15, 2022

Do you have ease with the animals you live with and love? What if speaking with your animals could be as joyful and ease-filled as communication with humans?

Sarah Grandinetti, our wonderful host, speaks with Suzy Godsey, Animal Whisperer, creator of the Talk to the Animals Specialty Program within Access Consciousness and a Tech Wizard extraordinaire.

Suzy Godsey shares her story. As a young child, she would walk imaginary dogs and call their names as they made themselves known to her. She was unique and different, yet wherever she researched, no one could explain or offer her a way to use her gift of Animal Communication.

"Being authentic invites others to explore any topic. Animals are usually themselves. They don't try and put on different hats!" says Suzy.

Listen as you discover what your animals are saying to you and where you can explore your gifts with Animal Communication.

Take Away:

  • What do dogs know about Bodies?
  • Do animals get sad?