49. Creating beyond Doubt

Nov 16, 2022

We often see trapeze artists swinging from one bar to the other, fully leaping, without anything holding them back and we think "of course they can do that, they are sure another bar is coming next".

What if you could live your life like that?
Going from one choice to the next one, not having a safe landing in mind but still utterly knowing that every choice you make for what creates greater will take you somewhere unexpected, but will always be greater than what you had before.

Does that sound amazing? Join our host Sarah Grandinetti and Emily Russell as we explore the uncomfortable and undefined choices and the gift they have been and still are to our lives.

Take aways

  • Don't buy the doubt. Destroy and uncreate it, leap and trust that it has to be greater.
  • Don't look for what to fix, but rather for the choice that will entirely change this.