50. I never thought I was an Addict

Nov 23, 2022

We tend to believe that addiction is about the physical dependence to substances, but actually it is a way wider spectrum. Addictions are more about the actions you take to numb yourself from whats going on and stop yourself from really being present. Even if you don't overuse illicit substances, what is it that you obsessively choose in your life to stop yourself from being present?

Our amazing guest Marilyn Bradford explains how our primary addiction is actually to judgment and the wrongness of self. Whether it's through alcoholism, the way you look, the amount of money you don't have or anything else.

Join Sarah and Marilyn in this beautiful conversation. Begin your journey to the kindness to you and freedom from the day to day addictions we don't even notice.

Take aways

  • Everyday, for at least 10 minutes, ask to not be in judgment of you (you can do it longer if you feel brave enough).
  • Stop looking for any answer outside of you to get out of addiction. Start with a question!!
  • Acknowledge more the gift you are to everyone and everything.