51. When good enough is not enough

Dec 12, 2022


"What if you are more like an explorer?

Someone who…
is always seeking more adventure and possibilities.
no matter what you have achieved, keeps on going.
isn’t satisfied with mediocrity or being as normal as everyone else.

You, my friend, already have the fuel to discover and create everything you really desire. And, what that is cannot fit into any box. It will be a unique path, because it's about creating you, the way you would really like to be.

Our host, Sarah Grandinetti, and our amazing guest, Sylvia Puentes, will take you on a conversation that goes beyond the box you have created your life as, to the wonder and joy of having an undefined life, and so much more.

Take aways

  • Ask: What is really true for me?
  • Don't ever expect to get to the definition of you. Instead, discover who you can be and let it change constantly.
  • Say out loud what you would really like to have in your life, no matter how impossible it seems. The more you acknowledge it, the more the universe will contribute to it showing up.