52. “But, did you die?”

Dec 19, 2022


Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, once asked that question in a class. While the question is simultaneously confronting, possibly uncomfortable and maybe even a little humorous, it was amazing to see how it instantly changed everyone’s perspective.

If you’re willing it invites you to acknowledge that no matter how difficult, dramatic, scary or uncomfortable any situation you’ve experienced was, you didn't die. Sometimes we fall apart temporarily, but most of these difficult situations were actually a huge gift in becoming more of us.

This time, on the Power of Being You Podcasr, our host, Sarah Grandinetti, interviews Shon Van Orden. Together they explore how these choices, that get you to confront your greatest fears, are actually the ones that will take you further, if you don't avoid them. How you can let it get messy and you can fall apart, but that if you keep asking questions and follow the energy (and even dare to have a sense of humor about it) more often than not you will have gained so much more than the comfort you would have gotten by avoiding that situation.

Take Aways

  • Get a sense of humor and start laughing about all those times when you screw up.
  • Realize that, no matter what, there are people that will have your back and that you can ask for help.
  • Stop avoiding the uncomfortable and start running towards it, because it will allow your wildest dreams to come true.
  • Sarah is better than Shon.