53. Create your life energetically

Jan 02, 2023


Did you ever have a “career day” at school when you were little? Where you had all these adults come and tell you how to create a future as "fantastic" or stable as theirs?

Most of the time those events were never about standing out and being something no one has ever seen before. It was more about the reality check of how life really is and the right paths to get to some acceptable version of success.

But, did those paths ever work for you? Or did they leave you feeling like something else was missing?

In this week's podcast, our host, Sarah Grandinetti, and our phenomenal guest, Dr. Anthony Mattis, talk about creating your life from the energy of what you really desire rather than following a set path. They explore the things that you know should be possible that also seem to be just out of reach beyond some invisible wall.

No more paths. No more "this is the way it is". Just the freedom to go, create, be and have all you really desire.

But beware, the main ingredients to achieve this are tenacity, making the uncomfortable choices, and leaping, even when everyone else tells you otherwise.

Take aways

  • Don't wait, create!
  • Keep on knocking on the door, even if it takes years for it to open.
  • Give up the cognitive understanding of how something should change and show up. Go for the energetic awareness that actually matches the greater possibility.