55. Embracing Change

Jan 30, 2023


Have you ever met someone who just seems to thrive amid change? That no matter what is going on in the world and in their life they always seem to thrive?

What sets them apart from others is that they receive change with open arms. For them, they see all of the chaos as the opening of new possibilities, that might be even better than what was before.

Would you like to function more like that?
If so, well this episode is for you!

Join our host, Sarah Grandinetti, and our phenomenal guest, Pam Houghteling, on an exploration on what it looks like to embrace the chaos of life.

Pam shares how she uses moments of change as an invitation to do whatever it takes to have even more of herself. She acknowledges that there is nothing that can come your way that will ever be too much for you or that could truly ruin your life.

Take a listen to see learn the difference between chaos and havoc. And, learn how to use organization as a tool to navigate the chaos with way more ease.

Take aways

  • When chaos knocks your door, look for the people in your life that will contribute to you and have your back.
  • Acknowledge when you are in the rabbit hole and do anything that will change the energy.
  • Be there for you, no matter what's going on.