56. Becoming the Effector of Your Environment

Feb 08, 2023


What if most of difficulties we have in our life are caused by the lack of acknowledgment of how different we already are?

Sweet friends and listeners, the time has come for us to stop making ourselves less and giving ourselves up for the judgments coming from the world around us.

Trying to live by other people's standards and considerations of what's right and wrong will never work for you.
It will never be enough for you. Plus, it puts you in a constant state of reaction to whatever someone else thinks.

How effective can you actually be when you let others' reactions determine your choices?

Join our host, Sarah Grandinetti, and our amazingly different guest, Cara Wright, while they explore how it is actually imperative to claim, own, and acknowledge the gift and power of your difference. To not change who you are so that others can be comfortable. And, to be willing to approach every new adventure with as much vulnerability as we can while never giving ourselves up.

Do you desire to be at the effect of your environment or be the effector of it?

Take aways

  • Interrupt the judgment pattern of wrongness by asking: what's right about me I’m not getting?
  • Be willing to honor you, stop pretending that you are normal and the same as anyone else. You Are Different.
  • Ask: Is this choice going to create the future I’m asking for?