57. Everything in life is a facilitation

Feb 27, 2023


What if everything in your life and every creature in the word could be a facilitation?

Get out your cowboy hat or boots, and learn how to receive form everywhere, even from a horse.

In this podcast our host, Sarah Grandinetti, interviews Alison Cox and Connor Hill about the Conscious Horse Conscious Rider class. They explore how you don't have to have any experience with horses to embark on this journey of energetic awareness, leadership, and leaping into possibilities.

The horses co-facilitate the class, and if you allow them, they will show you what you are choosing that doesn't allow for more consciousness in your life and how you can start to be something that will change what is not working.

The class is an invitation to put your barriers down and receive the energetic awareness and change that is available.

We have a lot of specialty classes in Access Consciousness and we explore these tools in topics from entities, money, business, bodies and even horses. All of these are designed to bring more consciousness in every area of your life (even if at first you don't get how). 

Take aways

  • A horse will show you how you are functioning and what it is you are being, whether it's working or not.
  • What else can you receive from a horse?
  • Start experiencing your life from the joy of what you are choosing, never from the image of it.