58. The beauty of being different

Mar 06, 2023


We live in a world where being judged for being too much is as common as breathing. In fact, many people grow up thinking that everywhere they were not normal was wrong.

But, what if every wrongness is a hidden strongness?

For example, being a dreamer is often seen as such a bad thing and rarely encouraged, but actually most of anything that has entirely changed the world has come from someone who dreamt of something different.

What if you are also like that?
What if in every wrongness of you there is a strongness underneath it?

In this podcast our guest, Arthur Wood, talks about the beauty of being you. All of you. Even the “too much” of you. And, how when you actually acknowledge it your life becomes way easier.

What if you can finally start living as who you truly be?
Are you ready to fall in love with you and show it to the world?

Join our host, Sarah Grandinetti, and guest, Arthur, on a journey of too much and what a gift it is to be all of you.

Take aways

  • Acknowledge where you were shut down for being too much and start asking for the strongness underneath it to show up.
  • Stop being fearful of being different.
  • Let go of everything you think it has to look like, and free fall into being you.