63. Coloring outside the lines

May 03, 2023

Are you living your life based on the checklist of success? Or, are you asking yourself every single day what you are desiring to choose and create?

Most of us have been taught to check the boxes in life, and that when we get enough checked we will be happy and successful. But, what happens when you’ve checked all the boxes and you realize it’s not creating what you thought it would?

In this podcast episode, Sarah Grandinetti explores what’s beyond the checklist of life with the colorful Ninfis Sanchez. Ninfis shares how she went from being an unsatisfied but successful, young corporate worker that had almost completed her life checklist, to actually exploring the question of “What do I really want, even if it looks like nothing I’ve had so far? And, even if no one else gets it?”

Join us for a journey into what it looks like to start choosing for you. It doesn’t have to happen with a giant leap off of a cliff. It can start day by day with incorporating seemingly small moments that increase your joy.

Take aways

  • What color can you add to your life (literally and figuratively) that would start to change the perspective you have of your life?
  • Where can you start choosing your joy in even the small things? Choose, create and nurture the space of your joy.
  • When there is something in your life that you can’t change (like a coworker you have to work with), what is it that you can change for you that makes this easier for you?
  • Ask: “What else is possible?” and “How does it get any better that this?” every day. Let the questions and the universe surprise you with the infinite possibilities available.