64. The Curiosity of Discovering YOU

May 11, 2023

Are you living your life trying to achieve or maintain an image, or are you creating a life you truly enjoy?

In this world we are surrounded my images. Take a simple scroll through social media and it’s hard to miss the fact that so many of us try to only show the “best” versions of ourselves.

How much of what you choose in your life is because you are seeking to have more of that “ideal” image?

But, is that ever truly being you?

In this podcast episode our host, Sarah Grandinetti, and our amazing guest, Brendon Watt, dive deep into the journey of actual vulnerability. They extrapolate about the pursuit of creating, achieving and maintaining an image and the amount of rightness and avoidance that you must have in your life to have it in place.

Warning: this conversation might fry your brain!

What if you didn’t have to hide what you truly desire?
What if you didn’t have to maintain an image?

What would it be like to live a life of vulnerability and unapologetically being you?

Take aways

  • Start acknowledging where you are choosing an image of yourself and ask: what would it take to be more of me here
  • Where else can you choose vulnerability in your life instead of having to be “right”?